How the raven brought fire to men

At the beginning the world was dark and cold. The animals required their fur and feathers to stay warm. However, the god of thunder looked upon the cold unfriendly earth and decided that it wasn't good the way it was. Thus, he shot a lightning bolt towards it which lit up a sycamore tree on an island. The trunk was burning brightly and the animals were happy about the warmth it was spreading. But how should they get the fire away from the island? Every animal wanted to help. First the raven took initiative and said: "It'll be the best if I fly over there and bring some of the fire with me…."
One of the many myths and legends of the Cherokee Indians starts this way. Ravenchild takes up this story and combines dance and dynamic fire-choreographies to form an unforgettable experience. Ravenchild, a team consisting of up to six members teaches you the old fascination of fire and uses it to take you on a trip through its stories. Because of the many years of experience and practice new ideas and effects are constantly evolving to guarantee an unforgettable event every time. Next to big shows in the open, where the whole spectrum of fire acrobatics can be shown, a show inside is possible too. Especially the hoop dance with LED hoops is a breath taking specialty.
Ravenchild performs every show as individually as possible regarding space time and spectators. Safety, trust, punctuality and precise arrangements as well as special wishes are without question for Ravenchild. If whished, interactions with the viewers can be included as well.

Ravenchild Feuershow

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  • Our Calm centre: Randy Lee Ruhbach</strong>
  • Our multi talent with lots of energy and elegance: Levon Earl Ruhbach</strong>
  • Great spectrum of possibilities: Ike Duncan Ruhbach</strong>
  • Don't worry he is one of the good guys: Fire breather Sebastian Zach</strong>
  • A lot of heart and always there. Elli Rathnow</strong>
  • Chef and elder: Dirk Ruhbach</strong>
  • Management and choreography: Chris Ruhbach</strong>
  • Duck and cover, Milly McMurray.</strong>
Dance and Fire Fireshow and Wedding Ravenchild-Fire Ravenchild - the fire-dance-show