Data protection

We take the protection of your personal data serious and remain strictly within data protection guidelines. Personal data will only be collected to a necessary extent. In no case will your personal data be sold or passed on to third persons.

Those are:

- Browser kind/version
- Operating system
- Previously visited page
- IP address
- Time and date

This data cannot by be traced back to specific persons. A summary of this data with other data sources will not occur. The data will only be used for statistical purposes and deleted thereafter.

Note to 'creative' lawyers:

The media laws change quicker than the reaction of the web-site operator. That's why the here stated guidelines can show some deficiencies. This is no ill-will and hurts no one. There is no reason to attempt to discipline the site operators with horrendous fees. Please stay fair. For this website stands: no disciplinary procedures without contacting of the site operator.